Horizontal terrarium G2 35x60x25 (WxDxH)



35 x 60 x 25cm (LxWxH)


  • frame – silver color
  • walls – black color
  • Lid - mesh screen (black)
  • transparent plexiglass door and bottom part under the door
  • PVC bottom and removable mat

Horizontal terrariums use a unique groove system, thanks to which they are very easy and quick to assemble. Assembling takes only minutes and no tools are required. Assambling instructions are included.

The terrariums consist of an aluminum frame, solid black PVC side walls , bottom and the back wall. There is transparent plexiglass door and bottom part under the door. Sufficient air circulation is ensured by the mesh cover. There is also a removable PVC mat on the bottom for easy cleaning. The frame and mesh are in silver color. These terrariums can be used for breeding animals that mainly use the lower part of the terrariums, such as some species of geckos (leopard gecko, Nephrurus...)

2,200.00 Kč