Screen cages FC BLACK 3 - 45x45x80cm


45 x 45 x 80cm (LxWxH)


  • frame - black color
  • doors, walls and ceiling made of black mesh
  • bottom and loose pad of PVC

Screen cages (flexariums) are made of a unique groove system, which makes them very easy and quick to assemble. According to the instructions, everyone can do it. No tools are required for assembly and it takes only few minutes.

Screen cages consist of an aluminum frame and steel mesh, which form all the walls, ceiling and doors. The bottom is made of solid PVC material and has a loose pad on it for easy cleaning. The frame and mesh are in black.

The screen cage can be used both indoors and outdoors and is ideal for animals that need a lot of air circulation. In the case of outdoor breeding, it is always necessary to think about the possibility of overheating of the animals and to provide them with permanent shade at least in part of the flexarium. Live plants can be used very effectively for this. 

1,800.00 Kč