CalciumPro Mg


CalciumPRO-Mg is a mixture of finely ground calcium with added magnesium, which is lacking in many food supplements for reptiles. However, it is a very important element that must not be missing in nutrition. Without magnesium, the body of reptiles cannot use calcium properly.

Magnesium supports the metabolism of calcium in the body and helps effectively fight against bone decalcification. The mixture is simply dosed into the food, it is also convenient to have it in a small bowl in the terrarium at all times so that the animals can take as much as they need.

CalciumPRO-Mgis intended for daily use. It is advisable to simultaneously use EarthPRO-A and necessary UVB lighting for a specific reptile species.

Contains: 90% calcium carbonate, 10% magnesium carbonate.

Guaranteed analysis: <2% crude protein, <2% crude fiber, <2% crude oils and fats, <1% crude ash, <8% moisture.

Packing 80g or450 g

Packaged in resealable pack.

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