Arcadia EarthPro - A


An ideal product for all commonly kept reptiles. A safe, natural food supplement with a full spectrum of vitamins in powder form.

Arcadia EarthPRO-A does not contain vitamin D3, so there is no danger of its overdose. However, it is always necessary to use it together with quality lighting that provides UVB radiation.

EarthPRO-A contains plenty of vitamin A for healthy organs, eyes, brain and skin. Special ingredients such as carotenoids and bee pollen are very beneficial for reptiles. The product also contains a balanced ratio of group B vitamins.

Contains: calcium 60%, mineral clay 26.5%, proteins 10%, carrot powder 1.75%, carotenoids 1%, premix vit. group B 0.5%, bee pollen 0.25%.

Guaranteed analysis: 8% protein, < 1% crude fiber, < 1% crude oils and fats, 2.30% crude ash, < 8% moisture.

Dosage: dust the food or live food insects 2-3 times a week.

The package contains 100g.

Packaged in resealable pack.

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